Why Coaching Your Teen Can Change Your Life

Oftentimes, stress about your teen can get so overwhelming, it leads to unhealthy habits like excessive eating, or an unwillingness to exercise.

Parents oftentimes attribute poor performance at work to the stress that comes with trying and failing to manage their teen at home.

Marriages are often impacted when dealing with a teen’s issues, with parents often arguing about different methods to deal with their teen, & the stress spilling over into their relationship.

When stress builds up and becomes too much, it can translate into a serious health issue, like heart disease & high blood pressure.

I will help you guide your teen into a life of joy and success, in turn removing all the unnecessary & harmful stressors in your life that come with teen issues.

Is Your Teen Dealing With Any Of The Following?

Social Media

Depression among teens is rising. Social media is one of the biggest reasons for this increase. One out of every five teenage girls have experienced major depression in the last year.


Teenagers may develop ideas, values, and beliefs that are different than those of their parents. This can lead to miscommunications. Teenagers often can be very moody which can lead to intense arguements.


Over 5 million teenagers in the US are currently vaping, an alarming and growing trend among the youth. E-cigarettes have been found to have chemicals and particles that have been linked to a range of health problems.

Low Self Esteem

It is estimated that up to a half of teenagers will struggle with low self-esteem. 75% of girls with low self-esteem reported engaging in negative activities like cutting, bullying, smoking, drinking, or disordered eating.


Very few teenagers completely lack motivation. What many teenagers lack is the motivation to do stuff that doesn’t matter, doesn’t seem important, or is about satisfying an agenda that doesn’t relate to them.

Here’s The Shocking Truth:

With my help, you & your teen don’t have to be a part of the statistics.


Why Choose a Coach?

Normal Parent Parent Coach
Emotional reactions, leading to arguments Scripted responses facilitating healing
Want the best, but sometimes focus on problems Focus on the deeper reason why
Feel sorry for & coddle teen Focus on new opportunities that come from failure
Support & encourage teen pursuing goal Give teens proven tools that increase success rates
Give orders & a code of conduct Work with teens to create boundaries
Give punishments when trust is broken Focus on the underlying issue

Get One-On-One Coaching

When you sign up, I not only give you a practical system to help you improve your relationship with your teen, but I also give you next-level parenting classes with me.

This system is based on proven studies in clinical psychology, and REAL experiences from REAL parents navigating their way through parenting in the 21st century.

I developed this system after helping parents rebuild their relationships with their teenager, and it is based on actual conversations I’ve had with teens on my podcast. I’ve also molded and shaped this method through trial and error, taking what truly works and discarding what doesn’t, distilling it into a 3-step system based on real-world knowledge.

It’s easy to grasp, and focuses on exactly what you need in order to get immediate results.

Here’s a tiny sample of the life-changing techniques and amazing results you’re almost automatically going to get upon siging up with me.

  • Common mistakes parents make when it comes to communication
  • How to better communicate with your teen
  • Why your teen isn’t motivated & ways to get them motivated
  • How you may be contributing to your teen’s demotivation
  • Wisdom on whether or not your teen is ready for social media
  • Identifying potential problems with social media
  • Protecting your teen from harmful activities like vaping
  • Identifying the different types of vapes & how they work
  • Ways to imprint a “win-win paradigm" on your teen that makes them responsible & open
  • How to have a mindset that helps you create strong bonds with your teen
  • The quick & easy way to "check-in" with your teens without nagging them
  • The single most important fact about your digital teen’s world that you need to know in order to connect with them

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Coach Your Teen

My Story

Before we Begin

Teen Age Leadership Welcome

Teen Age Leadership-Success and Happiness

Success Worksheet

Happy Experiences Worksheet

Teen Age Leadership- Definition of a Leader

Top 10 Wants

Qualities of a Great Leader

Anabolic Leaders; Catabolic Actions

Seven Levels of Energy

Tears and More Tears

Regaining Control

Everything Will Be Alright

Love Wins


What You’ll Experience:

Maximize your teen’s healthy development to live a prolonged life of success and happiness

Sort through the overwhelming circumstances of today’s teens and better understand their changing world

Come away with a revised, conscious method of guidance that is better suited for addressing teen’s current needs

Discover the joy in being a parent or mentor by reclaiming the role of your teen’s ally, guide, and consultant

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About Dr. RJ

Teen Life Coach in Austin, TX

You do not have to be an orthodontist to create smiles. Before I tell you why I became a life coach for teenagers, I need to first tell you why I became an orthodontist. You heard me right. I am an orthodontist 😁When I was in high school, my guidance counselor asked me to pick a career. “What do you want to do for the rest of your life?” she asked. I replied with the most common phrase used by all teenagers, “I don’t know.” So she asked me a different question, “If you could make a difference in the world, what difference would you make.” I thought about that question for a while. I knew she would not allow me to use that common phrase again. I responded, “I want people to be happy. I would spread happiness.” “Great! You have two options. You can be a comedian, or you can be an orthodontist,” she replied (Life coaching wasn’t a career back then).


My decision was easy at that point. I was not funny, so I chose to be an orthodontist. I thought to myself, “Smiles are the logo for happiness, so why not be the guy who creates them.” I never strayed from that path and in May of 2012, it was official. I was an orthodontist.


I enjoy creating smiles! And I felt that I was following my life’s mission to spread happiness until May of 2016, something happened! If you have never had braces, then you probably do not know the celebration that occurs when braces come off. It is a happy occasion. The patient is happy and sometimes crying tears of joy. The parents are happy. My team is happy and I am happy. This was the image that was in my mind that day in the counselor’s office, when I decided that I was going to be an orthodontist.


But something happened. A few days later, I received a phone call from that parent telling me that her daughter was unhappy. She knew I mentored teenagers, so she asked if I could help.“ I would be happy to talk with her, but it sounds like she needs a therapist.” I had only mentored teenagers at that time. I wasn’t trained to handle a teenager who was struggling with depression. But that wasn’t all, the next week the same thing happened again. This time with a different parent. And again, I referred them to a therapist. But that wasn’t it because the same thing happened a third time. At that moment, I knew orthodontics, alone, was not going to be enough to fulfill my life’s purpose of spreading happiness among teenagers. You see, if something happens once, then it is random. If something happens twice, then it is a coincidence. If something happens three times, then I need to pay attention.


So the moment after I spoke with the third parent, I immediately started to research how I could help these teenagers. I was prepared to pursue a degree in therapy until all three parents told me that therapy was not helping their child. So I went back to the drawing board. And that is when I discovered life coaching.

Today, I am happy to continue to spread happiness by creating smiles on the outside (as an orthodontist), and on the inside (as a teen life coach).

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can book your one-on-one session with Dr. RJ by using the calendar right above this FAQ section.

This one-of-a-kind program is a one-time investment of $2,000. The program is 8 weeks, and includes the Coach Your Teen online course, and next-level parenting classes with Dr. RJ.

As teenagers become more independent, traditional parenting styles do not always serve them. When parents begin to coach their teen, they will not only improve their relationship, but also help their teens reach their goals.

Life coaching is similar to sports coaching in that it helps identify goals, recognize obstacles, and develop action plans to achieve any goal.

There is no specific age. It should be based on trust and maturity. Social media will be a part of our life for the foreseeable future, so there are advantages to allowing your child to learn how to use social media responsibly.

The answer is “yes,” vaping uses nicotine. In some cases, there are higher levels in nicotine than in a pack of cigarettes. Like cigarettes, vaping can be highly addictive. What scares researchers the most is the unknown effects of vaping long-term.

Often times, parents believe that when their teens do not tell them everything, they’re hiding something. That is not always the case. Some teens just believe they are independent, and they are not required to tell their parents everything. Ultimately, it comes down to the relationship you have built over the years. If your teen does not share everything with you, my advice is to not force it. Just look for interesting ways to connect with your teen, and the sharing of information

Motivation has everything to do with buy-in. If the child does not see any value in it or if they feel it will not enhance their life in anyway then there will be no motivation to do those activities.

Absolutely! Dr. RJ offers group coaching and private, one-on-one coaching.